Mechanical Tees

Mechanical Tees

25. M-Tees

Department of Economy and Business present: Original Brand of Mechanical T-Shirt

Now, Mechanical T-Shirt have Its own label “Mechtees -Original Brand of Mechanical T-Shirt-” that will appear in that T-Shirt, so this T-Shirt is now Officially Sell by HMM and become Authentic Merchandise of HMM.
Open Pre-Order until Feb 25th 2016, with only IDR 70K. Available in many size for Gent and Lady. With Cotton Combed 30s Fabric and Rubber Sablon

How to order?
Send a message to contact person Phone Number: “Full Name/Year; Color of T-Shirt; Size; Count”

Transfer to BNI Syariah 0428756369 p.p. Fiqri Al Amin
Send the transfer paper image to Contact Person’s ID Line

What are you waiting for? Pick your new own Tees. HMM Only!! Go Get it Guys

Contact Person:
Phone    : +62 81227007135/Fiqri Al Amin
Line     : fiqrialamin